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Why is Coast Village Realty and Loan different?

We form close bonds with our Clients. We become fully involved or not at all. We represent the needs of the people that chose us to represent them, with plain, straightforward talk and fierce loyalty.  We represent Buyers and Sellers, Lenders and Borrowers, within California. We occasionally help with large out of state loans.

Over all these years, we have honed our skills and refer business out to those we trust whenever we feel that someone else can better manage the Clients needs. We evaluate the feasibility of what a Client wants and don’t waste their time trying to do the impossible. We leg out the difficult that can be achieved. Some properties are easier to sell, some loans are easier to do, but success is almost always apparent from the get go.

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Jeff Schlossberg

I have been licensed as a real estate broker for decades. During my career, I have been employed in auction marketing of homes, represented Sellers and Buyers of residential and commercial properties, and have worked in both residential and commercial lending.

  • California Real estate License  #854129
  • Loan Originator license #23668
  • Loan Company license #366760
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    Most of my business is repeat and referral. All of our qualified borrowers were locked into the lowest of rates. Rates go up and down. For a purchase loan, a buyer doesn’t have the luxury to wait out a long rate cycle. That’s when our experience and attention help identify a good time to lock a rate.

    I will personally discuss and evaluate your needs. I will guide you through whatever service you need in real estate or loan transactions. There is a difference in availability that a larger company cannot match.

    When it comes to houses, we focus on selling homes in the Santa Barbara area. That means Carpinteria through Goleta. I live and work in Montecito. My family has been in the same house for going on thirty years.

    When property is out of my area, the type of property that I am most effective dealing with is an income property. These properties do not require the same day to day maintenance in that they are sold subject to inspection. In other words, the property is exposed in photos, maps, and numbers. Investors can make an offer subject to closer physical evaluation later as a condition of the sale. I am always present for such inspections as they provide a chance to ask questions on site.

    Lending is a different story. As a Mortgage Company and Mortgage Loan Originator, I don’t need to see, show, or visit a property in order to arrange financing. I have originated loans from San Diego to Eureka with success.

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