Meet Jeff –

Coast Village Real Estate & Loan has evolved from my broker’s experience over a thirty-plus year period. I, Jeff Schlossberg, am the owner and key broker. While I did grow up in a family that built and managed medium sized apartment buildings, it was not my career goal to enter this profession. Most real estate agents study for and receive a license to help folks buy and sell residential real estate, most often with a large name company. I’ve never had the pleasure to be an agent working for a multi-branch real estate company and I’m sure that it has shaped my abilities to wear different hats.

As it happened, my first “real” job after college was law enforcement. For seven years I performed simple forensic tasks and photography for my hometown Police Department. It was pretty exciting stuff, especially investigating major crimes for physical evidence. I had the opportunity to train with experts and study with the State and Federal authorities. There were some wonderful elements to this line of work and some drawbacks. I finally decided that I needed to have a more mainline sort of life and resigned, took the time to travel and think things through.

Fate jumped in and I was invited to join a real estate auction firm. This niche is unlike what conventional agents do. We took over collections of residences, sometimes part of a condominium development and sometimes a large number of bank owned houses. It was a circus. We spent the sellers’ money on huge marketing efforts designed to get bidders to show up, under a tent, with food, drink, and music, and compete with each other to buy a house or three. It was like a big party.


I wasn’t looking for another job, but one found me and I switched to lending for a very large Savings and Loan. My job was focused on apartment buildings, from five units up. I loved the people I worked with and managed to transfer from LA to Santa Barbara. After four years I moved on to Commercial real estate sales and ultimately to my own company. That was twenty years ago and I’ve never looked back.

I have sold commercial properties, apartment buildings, a ranch, and many houses, sometimes representing the Seller and sometimes the Buyer. I’ve also financed all manner of real estate from small private loans on up to multi-million mortgages. I’ve had the opportunity to work and be licensed in other states. I can state without reservation that I love what I do.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact me directly.